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"Barry A. Popik" wrote, citing the comic strip whose name evolved from

>     A popular exclamation was "OSKEE-WA-WA!"  (Not in the RHHDAS.)

That exclamation became the announcement of winning in a game devised
for family travel by car.  (Works best with two kids in the back seat.)
Each kid counts cows in fields to one side of the car as they drive
past.  If the car passes a cemetary, the kid on the cemetary's side has
to start counting all over.  First kid to count to 100 cows shouts
"OSKEE-WOW-WOW!" to win.

The rest of what I remember about the game:
        1.  It was "wow-wow", not "wa-wa".
        2.  It was introduced in the weekend comics.
        3.  It appeared in either the Milwaukee Journal or the
                Chicago Daily News (or perhaps both).
        4.  It dates back to 1940 at the latest.
        5.  We played the game a lot in my family.

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