Eccentric labels

AAllan at AOL.COM AAllan at AOL.COM
Tue Nov 2 18:53:49 UTC 1999

ADS members should be getting their copies of the "September" Newsletter of
the American Dialect Society by first-class mail (airmail outside the U.S.)
this week. I must apologize for the look of the mailing labels on many
copies. They printed off-center vertically, so the member's name is somewhat

Rather than delay further, I decided to go ahead with the mailing using the
eccentric labels. Most of the copies should make it to the proper address,
but some may not. If you don't get your copy of the newsletter by about Nov.
12 at the latest, let me know and I'll send a relpacement.

And well before the January issue, we'll take steps to ensure that future
labels are on target.

- Allan Metcalf

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