R(h)aeto-Romans(c)h; hold the enchiladas

Peter Richardson prichard at LINFIELD.EDU
Tue Nov 2 21:22:55 UTC 1999

> I've only seen it spelled Romansch, though I don't know if that's official.

Yep--although that's an English version; there are a few Romansch
versions, depending, as ever, on the dialect area. Rhaeto-Romansh, or
Raeto-Romansh, is another. Raeto-Romance is out there, too, as in
Elizabeth Maxfield's 1941 Raeto-Romance Bilbiography or James Redfern's
1971 Lexical Study of Raeto-Romance and Continguous Italian Dialect Areas.

German uses Raetoromanisch when talking about all the dialects together.
German Swiss will use the simpler Romanisch to refer to R-R.

Peter R.

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