funeralize, again

Lynne Murphy M_Lynne_Murphy at
Wed Nov 3 16:56:01 UTC 1999

I tried to send this message earlier, and think I screwed up.  Apologies
if you get it twice.

I can't remember who originally posted the "funeralize" query, but I was
just sorting through my files, trying to pare down my worldly
possessions before moving, and found an article to which I'd affixed a
post-it that said "funeralize"--I'd forgotten that I'd read about the
word before.  The article is "A partial Black word list from East Texas"
by Ann R. B. Heald, which appeared in _Linguistic and literary studies
in honor of Archibald A. Hill" (1979, Mouton).  I'd happily send it to
the person who made the query if she (? I think 'she') would send me her
address.  What it says about "funeralize" is that it's commonly used by
Black people, and known by White people, but not used seriously by them.



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