"Place in history"

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Fri Nov 5 21:26:49 UTC 1999


   An article in today's NEWS by Robert J. Samuelson (reprinted from the Washington Post), is "History Will Not Be Kind To Clinton."  The article discusses Clinton's "place in history."  (Quotes were used.)
   Maybe someone can do a Nexis search for "place in history."  How often has it been used this year, as opposed to other years?  Who started this "place in history" bit?
   It should be mentioned on the WOTY (Word of the Year) list.


   Greetings again from Mexico City.  I fly to the Yucatan tomorrow.
   "Dogi" (dog) is a brand of shoes for children.  I have no idea where the shoes are manufactured, or how long this brand name has been used.
   In an article on Mexico City's smog, NEWS, 5 November 1999, pg. 16, col. 2:  "second generation" pollutants: smog particles thatt settle out of the air but are kicked back into the atmosphere with every breeze.  (I don't know when Barnhart or ATNW added this.  "Second generation pollutants" has been around a while.  No other smog terms, but I'll ask around--ed.)

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