Mormons, Baptists, and Christians

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Reminds me of "bilingual." I once told someone that a buddy of mine was
bilingual (in fact, he was more than that, but bilingual seems to be a kind
of default for multilingual often). The perrson I said this too came back
and told me (a little peeved) that he didn't speak Spanish and was,
therefore, not a bilingual.

dInIs (laying low during these religious wars)

>>But of course the discussion of the social differences in the meaning of the
>>term CHRISTIAN is a very interesting question in social dialectology.
>In 1964 I overheard the follow interchange between two middle-aged women in
>Minneapolis, both members of a Covenant (or Swedish Covenant) church:
>"Is she a Christian?"
>"No, she's a Methodist."
>"Well, at least she's not a Presbyterian."
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