Missing Characters in NADS Abstract

D. Ezra Johnson ezra_50 at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Nov 8 23:50:26 UTC 1999

Would Beverly Flanigan mind posting a version of the abstract for "Don or
Dawn?..." which includes the IPA symbols missing from the newsletter? There
seems to be at least one vowel that is coming through as a blank space.

Also, what symbol does [A] represent -- is it a rounded low back vowel
(upside-down-script-a) or an unrounded low back vowel (script-a)? I would
have thought unrounded, except that in Naomi Nagy's abstract, [A] is used
for Boston's low-back cot/caught vowel, generally written as rounded.

Incidentally, would it be so difficult to print the newsletter in a font
containing at least the more usual phonetic symbols?


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