Gore as Blakean

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Tue Nov 9 00:29:29 UTC 1999

Is she talking about the poet William Blake? He used to sit around in the
back yard naked (with his wife)--this was in the early 1800s, much to
everyone's scandalation. And he wrote Tiger Triger Burning Bright. Doesn't
sound like the Al Gore I know and love.

Has anyone suggested that Al Gore has adopted the previous vice president's
political sensibility?

In a message dated 11/8/1999 8:19:35 PM, garethb2 at EARTHLINK.NET writes:

<< My father-in-law emailed me this AM to report that on This Week (w/ Cokie

Roberts, Sam Donaldson, Geo. Will),  Will questioned Naomi Wolf (who just

became a Gore campaign consultant) about her characterization of Al Gore as


Did anyone here see this and have any idea what they were talking about?

What constitutes a Blakean personality? Please don't tell me it refers to an

unappreciated, misunderstood genius.

Gareth Branwyn

Jargon Watch Editor

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