Brew haha!

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Tue Nov 9 18:17:19 UTC 1999

Grant Barrett wrote:
> WOLF: What I?m talking about is a vision that incorporates many disparate parts for
> a whole that?s more than the sum of its parts. Again, look at his positions that he?s
> laid out already.
>      And in all of the brue-ha-ha over details that I think are not that important
> to the American people, there is something very consistent and coherent that he?s been
> doing with that mind, that sees different parts and how they can fit together to
> solve complicated problems.

Brue-ha-ha?  Hahaha, doesn't anyone run spell-check before publishing?

Did I mention that I read an article in the Murky News (San Jose Mercury News)
where the writer said that "so-and-so clapped her hands in the air like a
flamingo dancer"?


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