Belated reply re: "the" wife

No Name Available P2052 at AOL.COM
Tue Nov 9 23:32:59 UTC 1999

So have I and everyone I know!   In fact, the first time I heard the phrase,
"at college," I had to do some serious hypothesis testing.  I think the
phrase was, "away at college."  Since it was uttered by a somewhat
pretentious non-Southerner, I assumed that the person was just, "talkin'

If one can be "in high school," one can be "in college."  I guess the reason
people don't say "in university," is that a university is a larger, more
impersonal, less familiar environment.  I guess it's analogous to the
dichotomy "Christians" make when they talk about being "in the world," but
not "of the world."   The former would make one unconcerned with worldly
affairs, not personally involved; the latter would be the opposite.

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