Belated reply re: "the" wife

Patrick Courts courts at AIT.FREDONIA.EDU
Wed Nov 10 13:26:12 UTC 1999

At 03:15 PM 11/09/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Aaron E. Drews wrote:
>>Even if one were a college student (as opposed to a university student), one
>>would say "I'm at college", meaning both that "I'm a student" and "I'm
>>physically at the further education institution as I speak".   I can't think
>>of an instance when anyone would say "in university" or "in college".
I was in college for four years and in graduate school for 5--always in
never at.


Please Note: I must use a voice software program that sometimes
mis-translates what I say, or mistakes my breathing for words and inserts
things like "of, in, the" etc. In the rush of doing e-mail I sometimes miss
these errors in my proof reading. My apologies.

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