Cheesy Christian Screwdivers (was Professional Glossaries)

Daniel Long dlong at BCOMP.METRO-U.AC.JP
Wed Nov 10 15:26:22 UTC 1999

I am afraid I didn't understand what you meant by "professional glossary".
Maybe others did, but perhaps it would increase responses if you gave a
little example.  Does this mean a glossary of terms that only
archaeologists (etc.) use?
One more suggestion:  If you want responses to an academic query, put
something like "Flat-headed" or "Baptists" or "Cheese curds" in the subject


Bethany K. Dumas wrote:

> Several days ago I asked if anyone knew of any excellent professional
> glossaries. I have received no replies. So, I send a variant of the
> question -- do you know of any reasonably good professional glossaries?

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