Navajo code-talkers

Lynne Murphy M_Lynne_Murphy at BAYLOR.EDU
Wed Nov 10 18:41:34 UTC 1999

Here's the info on the Navajo code talkers article in Smithsonian.  I
have it here, but had to look it up on Infotrac b/c I didn't have the
date on it:

                                   Jaysho, moasi, dibeh, ayeshi,
hasclishnih, beshlo, shush, gini.
                                   (World War II voice code) Bruce
                                         Smithsonian August 1993 v24 n5

There was an article in the NYT about Navajo code talkers last month:

The New York Times, Oct 11, 1999 pA14(N) pA14(L) col 1 (30 col in)
                                           Code talkers' story pops up
everywhere; Navajo
                                           war effort no longer
unhearalded. (National Pages)
                                           Todd S. Purdum.

Also, from the number of book reviews that came up on my search, I guess
there's been a book or two on the topic recently...



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