born-again (was Christian suggestion)

Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OAK.CATS.OHIOU.EDU
Wed Nov 10 22:47:42 UTC 1999

Recall the now-popularized hymn, "Amazing Grace":  "I was lost but now I'm
found."  I wonder if the phrase you cite has spread because of the hymn?

At 05:05 PM 11/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
>      True story.  A friend of mine who was a social worker in Texas
>overheard this interchange between a Texan client and a newly arrived
>social worker from New York.  The client says:  "Are you lost or are you
>found?"  The truly puzzled newcomer to the land of born-again Christians
>replied without missing a beat:  "I'm from New York."
>      I'm from New York via northern Illinois, so I have no idea whether
>lost and found are common terms for unsaved and saved, but I think it's a
>great story.  It sounds apocryphal, but my friend swears on the Bible
>that it's true.
>Patricia Kuhlman
>Brooklyn, NY
>pskuhlman at

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