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Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OAK.CATS.OHIOU.EDU
Wed Nov 10 23:14:24 UTC 1999

I have two from England:  "In a Manner of Speaking," from BBC English
(order from Audio Forum, Guilford, Conn.): Includes several British Isles
dialects, Australia, So. Africa, India, Nigeria, W. Indies, etc., and a few
from U.S. and Canada.

"English Accents and Dialects," which accompanies Hughes and Trudgill's 3rd
ed. of the book by that title (but only covers the British Isles).

Language Files from OSU also has some tapes; and I have an old tape that
accompanies _Standards and Dialects in English_ (Shopen and Williams),
which has Black English, AppEng, NYC (but upper class only), etc.

Usually I have my students make up their own tapes as well.

At 02:46 PM 11/10/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anybody know of an audio tape series which gives examples of different
>dialects of English? What I have found is intended for actors to develop THE
>southern accent, THE New York accent, etc, rather than real samples from
>real speakers. We would like to expose our students to dialects they might
>otherwise never hear authentically used, such as Appalachian speech or
>different Southern dialects. I doubt anything is available in one handy
>dandy series, but if it's out there I'd love to know about it.
>Thanks for your suggestions,
>Sarah Worthington
>Arizona State University
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