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I know I have lots of things on "like", but this is the only one that
shows up on a search of "like" in my personal bibliographical database.

Adams, Michael.  About "Like" in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  American
Speech 68:4.439-40.

other places to look are:
- articles on indirect quotation--I know Adrienne Lehrer's done a few,
but I don't know if she specifically discusses "like" ("She was
like...");  For some reason I think Geofrey Nunberg did an article on
this, but I don't seem to own it.
- articles/books on discourse particles, such as Deborah Schiffrin's
book _Discourse Markers_ and Lawrence Schourup's book (dissertation?),
whose title I don't have off-hand.

I had a seminar on discourse particles in grad school, and we talked
about "like" a lot...



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