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And another from _American Speech_, 66 (1991):  S. Romaine and D. Lange,
"The Use of 'Like' as a Marker of Reported Speech and Thought: A Case of
Grammaticalization in Progress."

At 02:20 PM 11/11/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Here's some citations of articles about _like_ (I apologize if any of
>these have already been posted here):
>Underhill, "_Like_ is, Like, Focus," American Speech 63 (1988): 234-46.
>Blyth et al., "I'm Like, 'Say What?!': A New Quotative in American Oral
>Narrative," American Speech 65 (1990): 215-27.
>Ferrara & Bell, "Sociolinguistic Variation and Discourse Function of
>Constructed Dialogue Introducers: The Case of _be_ + _like_," American
>Speech 70: 265-90.
>Gee, this American Speech looks like a pretty interesting journal!
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