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Be aware, though, that some of the works cited below on AppEng are not
scholarly and may in fact only perpetuate myths and stereotypes about the
dialect.  I'm thinking specifically about Dial and Williams; I don't know
about Kephart and Higgs & Manning, but I'd be suspicious.  Literary dialect
has to be viewed carefully too, of course, to distinguish authentic
representations from eye-dialect or stereotyped forms (which could, of
course, be legitimately studied in their own right).  (Sorry, Stephanie; I
don't have your e-dress, or I'd respond personally!)

At 02:49 PM 11/11/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I've been doing work on literary dialect and happen to have two great
>articles on Maine dialect. used in the works of George Savary Wasson, both
>by Jacob Bennett.
>Bennett, Jacob.  "George Savary Wasson and the Dialect of Kittery
>Point         Maine." American Speech 49 (1974): 54-66.
>---.  "George Savary Wasson's Approach to Dialect Writing." American
>Speech  54 (1979): 90-101.
>There are several articles in American Speech on Appalachian dialect.
>Donna Christian and Walt Wolfram would be good key names to search under.
>Also see
>Chase, Richard, comp.  American Folk Tales and Songs and other Examples
>of     English-American Traditions as Preserved in the Appalachian
>Mountains       and Elsewhere in the United States. New York: New
>American, 1956.
>Dial, Wylene P.  "The Dialect of the Appalachian People." West
>Virginia        History 30 (1969): 463-71.
>Dillard, J. L. All-American English.  New York: Random, 1975.
>Higgs, Robert J., and Ambrose N. Manning, eds. Voices from the Hills.
>New  York: Ungar, 1975.
>Kephart, Horace. Our Southern Highlanders. New York: Macmillan, 1922.
>Williams, Cratis.  "Appalachian Speech."  North Carolina Historical Review
>55        (1978): 174-79.
>---.  Southern Mountain Speech.  Berea: Berea College P., 1992.
>Wolfram, Walt.  Dialects and American English. Englewood Cliffs:
>Prentice,     1991.
>I've got more on Appalachian if you need it, but nothing on jargon.
>At 11:30 AM 11/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >        Hi - I'd like to beg for a little help.  I have students working on
> >1) Maine English, and in general the linguistic history of Maine, 2)
> >Appalachian English, 3) jargons in American English (she got interested in
> >that _Smithsonian_ account of the military use of Native American words as
> >a secret language in World War II).  I know a little about these things,
> >but I'm wondering whether subscribers to this list might have bibliographic
> >suggestions to make.  Off the top of your head only!  I don't want to ask
> >anyone to rummage through files or libraries, just, if possible, to take a
> >second and send me the obvious things that you know and I don't!
> >        Thanks in advance, Larry Rosenwald
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