Cold Mountain

Stephanie Hysmith sh120888 at OHIO.EDU
Thu Nov 11 21:46:53 UTC 1999

I'm trying to figure out how Charles Frazier meant for his character Ada
Monroe's name to be pronounced. For those who haven't read this book, she
grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and later moved with her minister
father to Cold Mountain in western North Carolina. The following passage
takes place in NC. I'll transcribe the bit which has me a little baffled
and hope someone can help me.

-Hey, Miss Ada Monroe, a voice called softly.
        Both names were pronounced in the ways that her father had hated. He had
never tired of setting people right on the matter: Broad initial A in Ada;
accented second syllable in Monroe, he would say. But over the summer, Ada
had given up trying to enforce her name against everyone's natural leaning,
and she was learning to be the Ada Monroe that the voice called. Long A,
heavy Mon.

I understand the accent on 'roe' and 'Mon,' but this broad A is confusing.
And does the 'Long A" (sorry for the caps) mean [e]? I'm hoping some
natives from the respective regions can shed light on this.


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