Stealth fat

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sun Nov 14 22:17:03 UTC 1999


   This headline is from the New York Times, 13 November 1999, pg. 11, col. 6:

_F.D.A. Calls_
_For Listing_
_'Stealth Fat'_
_On Labels_

   Just what I need to be worried about!  Stealth fat!  Fat that no one can see!
   There are just a few hits on the Dow Jones database.  The earliest seems to be the Toronto Globe and Mail, 5 May 1998, pg. A1.
   There will be a new "trans fat free" claim for foods containing less than half a gram of trans fat and a half gram of saturated fat per serving.  T.F.F.  hows up on the PR Newswire from 20 October 1992.

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