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>Peter Richardson wrote:
> >A colleague who teaches Chinese just asked me where she might go for help
> >in learning how to use definite and indefinite articles in English. I had
> >suggested some corrections on her syllabus, and she responded by saying
> >that, because Chinese doesn't have articles, the English articles are very
> >hard for her to learn. Does anyone have a notion where she might look?
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Peter Richardson
> >
>I like Grammar Dimensions: Book Two by Heidi Riggenbach and Viginia
>Samuda. It's for ESL/EFL students and has good explanations and
>interesting and practical exercises in the textbook as well as the
>workbook. I remembered the definite/indefinite article section in
>particular. I don't have Book One, so I can't shed light on that.
>It's from Heinle & Heinle of Boston; 1993 is my edition. The series
>director is Diane Larsen-Freeman who is, I believe, quite well-respected.

And if your colleague wants more theoretical explanation, she can look at
_The Grammar Book_, by M. Celce-Murcia and D. Larsen-Freeman (2nd ed.,
Heinle & Heinle, 1999)--a massive and very comprehensive work designed for
teachers who must explain such intricacies as def/indef.
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