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Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OAK.CATS.OHIOU.EDU
Wed Nov 17 23:01:35 UTC 1999

Bethany, I'm attaching suggestions from a Japanese professor at OU; he runs
our own Study Abroad in Japan, is a native speaker of Japanese, and has
contacts, as you'll see, with similar programs there.

At 07:06 AM 11/17/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I have received the ff. query from an 11th-grade student; can you
>suggest something?
> >>I am writing to inquire about programs and opportunities concerning
> >studying abroad.  I am planning to travel to Japan this summer to visit
> >my cousin, whose husband is stationed in Yakuska.  While in Japan, I
> >would like to be involved in some type of program for gifted studies,
> >student exchange program, or some other worthwhile cause.  I know very
> >little about what opportunities may be available to me.  I am sure that
> >while visiting Japan, I could enrich myself both culturally and
> >academically.  Whatever information you could send would be greatly
> >appreciated.  If you know of someone I could contact to learn more about
> >opportunities in Japan, please send that information as well.  Thank you
> >so much for your time.

Hi Beverly,

There are several programs that a gifted high school student might find
attractive. I know just the person for Bethany (or the student) to contact.
She should call
the Center for the Improvement of Teaching Japanese Language and Culture In
High School (CITJ) at (217) 244-4808 and talk to either Barb Shenk or Hiroko
Ito. She should tell either of them that I suggested she call them for
advice about summer opportunities in Japan for gifted secondary students.
University High School (where CITJ is
housed) is a school for gifted students. Barb Shenk, the director of CITJ,
keeps up on summer programs and advertises about them in the CITJ newsletter.

The student might wait until next week to call, since this week is
ACTFL in Dallas. Both Shenk and Ito may be in Texas.

Christopher Thompson
Assistant Professor of Japanese
Ohio University, Athens
thompsoc at

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