Marguerite Chapallaz query

Kevin Dann kdann at ZOO.UVM.EDU
Thu Nov 18 03:54:05 UTC 1999


Thanks to the many kindnesses of Ellen Johnson, Bill Kretschmar, and other
staff and students at the Linguistic Atlas, I have managed to discover
that Marguerite Chapallaz, a LANE fieldworker who also did a tremendous
amount of the recording of LANE informants with and for Miles Hanley, was
perhaps as close a co-worker and confidant as Guy Lowman had during his
years in London and also over his years as a LANE fieldworker. I have been
trying to track down Marguerite's professional biography, so that I might
make inquiries about her papers. Can anyone give me any info that might
help? I promise to post a Lowman story in return.


Kevin Dann

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