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A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Sat Nov 20 02:33:33 UTC 1999

While I know we've discussed the "candy" phrases before, I don't remember the
print origin of ear candy as being that described on the Merriam-Webster site
today (http://www.m-w.com):

                     "Ear candy" made its debut (in print, at least) as the
title of
                     a 1977 album by pop singer Helen Reddy. The album has
                     long since faded from the charts, but the term endures and
                     it is now used widely enough to have gained entry into
                     abridged dictionaries. Although "ear candy" is sometimes
                     used critically to describe tunes that are considered
                     "gooey," "sweet," or "saccharine," the people who make the
                     music and their fans find it tasty. As one 90s band member
                     sagely put it, does it really matter if ear candy "isn't
                     the secret of life"?

"I am Woman; ear me roar."
-- elen Reddy

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