2000 Cocktail Calendar & "The Y2K"

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Sun Nov 21 21:53:18 UTC 1999

     January 1/2 is:

1 oz. bourbon
1/2 oz. Pernod

     The other drinks (ask me if you want them described in full) are:

Baby Eskimo, Apple Cooler, Bronx Cocktail, Chicago, Daily Mail, Southland, Rum Buck, Chocolate Milkmaid, Monkey Gland, Irish Coffee, Whiskey Flip, Alabama Slammer, B-52, Ideal Cocktail, Black Cat, Favorite Cocktail, Stonewall, Fare Thee Well, Golden Dream, Bobby Burns, Kangaroo Cocktail, Night Owl, Dixie Whistle, Silver Arrow, Nevins, Rhett Butler, Narragansett, Amaretto Sour, Gin Rickey, Blood and Sand, Caffe Amaretto, White Russian, Noble Cocktail, Ink Street, Gentle Ben, Velvet Hammer, Rose Cocktail, Cuba Libre, Pink Cadillac, Farmer's Cocktail, Bloody Mary, Pendennis Club Cocktail, American Fizz, Cherry Smash, White Spider, Bentley, Knockout, Faded Jeans, Skip and Go Naked, Scotch Cooler, Bellini, Fuzzy Navel, Picador, Black RUssian, Sweet Old Pal, Godmother, Yale Cocktail (March 8, Yale College is chartered, 1701), Negroni, Mai-Tai, Dirty Sock, Grand Central, B&B, Fair and Warmer, Spring Fever, Wee Guinness, Woo-Woo, Temptation Cocktail, Napoleon, English Highball, Collee!
n, Black Magic, Sex on the Beach, Godfather, Adonis, Aqueduct, Martini Van Gogh, Parisian, Stinger, Rolls-Royce, White Lily, Knickerbocker, Broken Golf Cart, Tropical Dream, Mary Pickford, Bee's Kiss, Pina Colada, Cosmonaut, Hole-In-One, Saratoga, Martini, Income Tax, Baron Martini, Bee's Knees, Madras, Leave It To Me, Lady MacBeth, Presbyterian, Opal Cocktail, Nuclear Waste, Prince Edward, Maurice, New Yorker, Soviet, Sharky, Gin & Tonic, Manhattan, Margarita, Klondike Cooler, Mandeville, Orange Oasis, Ninotchka, Ritz, Melonball, Angel Face, Moscow Mule, Judge Jr., Mint Julep, Fairy Belle, Jack-in-the-Box, Angel's Wing, Bermuda Rose, Recliner, Rum Runner, Bahama Mama, Pefect Cocktail, Bond Martini (served shaken not stirred), Damn the Weather, Mississippi Mud, Weekend, Bluegrass Champagne, Queen Elizabeth, Kamikaze, Old-Fashioned, Normandy Cocktail, Platinum Blonde, Barn Door, Princeton Cocktail, Spencer,  Cowboy Cooler, Oyster Shot, Betsy Ross, Webster Cocktail, Stone Fence,!
 Bazooka Joe, Pike's Peak, Gibson, Daiquiri, THree Miller Cocktail, Feel Like a Holiday, Flying Saucer, Jack Rose, Double Standard, Piccadilly Cocktail, Paisley Martini, Belmont, English Rose Cocktail, Tom Collins, Stars and Stripes, Corkscrew, Hawaiian Volcano, 7&7, Ernest Hemingway, Beachcomer, Scorpion, Bay Breeze, Lynchburg Lemonade, French Connection, Afterglow, Applejack Rabbit, Between the Sheets, Pimm's Cup, Beanie's Bum, Barton Special, Rangoon Ruby, Greenback, San Juan, Nevada, Planter's Punch, Miami Beach, Barbary Coast, Matador, Alfonso Special, Fifth Avenue, Hudson Bay, Double Dare, Beauty Spot, Cosmopolitan, Bahama Storm, Hasty Cocktail, Whiskey Sour, Lemon Drop, Hoopla, Quaker's Cocktail, Bombay Cocktail, Bikini, Sea Breeze, Emerald, Harvey Wallbanger, Gin Aloha, Michael Collins, Greyhound, Tequila Sunrise, Colorado Bulldog, Jade, Cossack, Deauville, Dixie Cocktail, Caruso, Deep Sea, Apple Pie, American Beauty, El Diablo, Hurricane, Caipirinha, Beam Me Up Scotti!
e, Blue Seude, Sidecar, Olympic Cocktail, Screwdriver, Bloody Brain, Orient Express, Alabama Fizz, Jamboree, Opening Cocktail, Brandy Alexander, Chapel Hill (Sept. 21), Fireball, Fallen Angel, Eye-Opener, Modern Cocktail, Delmonico, Gilroy, Mudslide, Cabaret, Charles Cocktail, Saxon, Russian Cocktail, Rusty Nail, Caribbean Breeze, Bali, Snowball, Bamboo, Salty Dog, Nuts and Berries, Banana Cow, Algonquin, Havana Cocktail, Brass Monkey, Orange Buck, Grasshopper, Pall Mall, Blue Whale, Claridge Cocktail, Devil's Tail, Picasso, Brandy Fancy, Nob Hill, Harvard Cocktail, Gin Fizz, Zombie (Oct. 31), Tropical Depression, Maxim, Gasoline, Chelsea Sidecar, Singapore Sling, Devil's Smile, Jamaican Coffee, Berlin Martini, Morro, Cape Codder, Mojito, Prince of Wales, Royal Smile Cocktail, Plantation Punch, El Presidente, Applecar, Yellow Bird, Wembley Cocktail, Hat Trick, Thanksgiving Special, Diamond Head, Red Lion, Foxy Lady, Gin & Sin, Fuzzy Dice, Dorian Gray, Toasted Almond, Frostbite!
, Hot Toddy, Hennessy Martini, Bermuda High, Pearl Harbor, Victor, Paradise Cocktail, Dubonnet Fizz, Comfortable Screw, Montmartre, Cocomacoque, Scarlett O'Hara, East India Cocktail, Hollywood, XYZ Cocktail, Fontainebleau, Snow White, Gimlet, Eggnog For One, Poinsettia, Maiden's Blush, Hot Buttered Comfort, Rob Roy, Snowflake, Martini 2000.

   Check to see how many/few of these are in the OED.

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