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Prof. Roly Sussex sussex at LINGUA.ARTS.UQ.EDU.AU
Fri Nov 26 07:16:19 UTC 1999

Dear colleagues,

This is a kind of language request; forgive me if I am imposing
on anyone's patience.

I think I have read somewhere that Lord Kelvin (or Rutherford? a
major scientist anyhow) said something like:
        if you can't explain your scientific ideas in terms that
        a milkmaid could understand, then there is something
        wrong with either you or the idea
(not the milkmaid! ... it could be nursemaid ...)

My question is: does anyone know where this came from? The Web
is most unhelpful, and I've exhausted all my usual sources of
answers for questions from out of left field.

I'd be most grateful if anyone can put me out of my misery.

Roly Sussex
The University of Queensland

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