Hospital slang

Stephanie Hysmith sh120888 at OHIO.EDU
Sun Nov 28 00:43:24 UTC 1999

Add to this GOMER--Get out of my emergency room

At 04:30 AM 11/27/99 EST, you wrote:
>     See Jerry Dunn's IDIOM SAVANT (1997), "Medical Workers," pages 3-16.
>Almost none of IDIOM's terms are duplicates with Gareth's posting!
>     The following acronyms have been circluating on the web (see
>since 8-9-99, supposedly from the book WHY FIRE ENGINES ARE RED:
>MUH--messed up heart
>PBS--pretty bad shape
>PCL--pre-code looking
>HIBGIA--had it before, got it again
>CCFCCP--coo coo for Cocoa Puffs
>CATS--cut all to shit
>FDGB--fall down, go boom
>TBC--total body crunch
>     The following are "dead" synonyms:
>ART--assuming room temperature
>CC--cancel Christmas
>CTD--circling the drain
>DRT--dead right there
>NLPR--no long playing records

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