Christopher Morley's KITTY FOYLE (1939)

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Sun Nov 28 01:06:40 UTC 1999

     There was someone from Philadelphia on my last vacation (Mexico).  I
overheard her say something like:  "As we say in Philadelphia, 'First prize
is one week in Philadelphia, second prize is TWO weeks in Philadelphia.'"
     She hadn't read my posting, either!
     Christopher Morley wrote TRAVELS IN PHILADELPHIA (1919?).  I didn't see
the phrase there.
     Morley's novel about Philadelphia, KITTY FOYLE (1939), doesn't have it
in the 260 pages I read today in the library, but the novel is otherwise very

Pg. 9:  Rum, Rheumatism and Rebellion.
Pg. 12:  B. U. was what he called Before _Us_.  He was wonderful at making up
a language of his own.  (Related to P. U.?--ed.)
Pg. 38:  As for the outskirts of Chicago, when we got there at last, I always
think of Wyn's description of them: "civilization with its pants down."
Pg. 48:  Scenery in the Midwest is like rouge on a colored girl; it means
well but it's kind of pathetic.  (I've heard "lipstick on a frog" used--ed.)
Pg. 51:  In Philly, Wyn and his crowd hardly even knew there _was_ a subway.
They rode the snobway instead; the suburban trains.
Pg. 74:  I'd hate to guess how many peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches we had
there, and the usual drink was a Chocolate Glass-A, a sort of chocolate soda
poured into shaved ice.  _Glace_ was the real name, but I didn't learn that
until long afterward.  (Gotta check OED for pb&j and glace--ed.)
Pg. 75:  I learned that way that "fortnight" is a Philadelphia sort of word,
not to be used on the prairie.
Pg. 88:  Sheep dip!
Pg. 140:  "Well, Kitty, give me the three steps of decency."  That's the
three steps you're supposed to go along with a friend who's leaving.
Pg. 141:  ...Backing up to the hairbrush is what Molly calls it when we sit
down for a Milkman's Matinee--which is coffee and cigarettes at midnight and
hair down all over the place.
Pg. 146:  White Collar Girls.
Pg. 166:  In the Know.
Pg. 176:  Hop a cab.
Pg. 228:  When they went home (Philadelphia friends leaving NYC--ed.) they
said "I wouldn't live there if you gave me the place."

     At last!  The second part of my posting of "It's a nice place to
visit..."  A NYC citation in 1939!

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