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I'm sure your family knows where "out here" is, but the rest of us don't.

dInIs (up here in MI)

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>> It's not in the dictionary; but people in Washington State, and Oregon,
>> Idaho, and Montana, and maybe Minnesota know what "spendy" means =
>> Examples:
>>    Faribault County, Minnesota: "I voted for Arne Carlson because he is a
>> good businessman and reigned in our spendy legislature for two terms and
>> turned up a surplus."
>>    Boise, Idaho: "Kempthorne Plan May Be Too Spendy, Some Critics Say."
>>    Seattle: "Ferry Ramp Proves Spendy Folly."
>>    Portland, Oregon: "Parking Overtime in Portland Gets Spendy."
>> Is that the right limit of distribution? Anybody speak of "spendy" in the
>> south or east?
>I don't know about Minnesota, never having been there, but "spendy" is a
>perfectly good word out here, as in "I bought this coat, even though I know
>it's a spendy item".  It seems to be a relatively recent innovation.  AT
>least I've only heard "spendy" used this way recently.
>Anne Gilbert

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