intransitive "making"

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You are looking for the word "ergative."

We baked the cookies in the oven.
The cookies baked in the oven.

As opposed to "real" transitives:

We ate the cookies in the kitchen.
*The cookies ate in the theater.

Note, however, that ergatives and transitives can both passivize, that
operation sometimes falsely suggested as a test for transitives.

So, if you reclassify (by analogy) "make" as an ergative (on the model of
"bake"), you've got it made.


>FWIW, this sounds like a special usage for some verbs like bake:
>(1) The cookies are baking.
>I don't remember what this is called, but I think it's an intransitive usage
>of certain transitive verbs.
>To me, at least, this sentence does *not* seem intransitive, it seems closer
>to being a transformation of
>(2) The cookies are being baked.
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>-From: American Dialect Society [mailto:ADS-L at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU]On
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>-I've never heard "spendy", but twice this week I've heard the
>-following from
>-members of the same family (they're from North Carolina and Georgia):
>-The coffee is making.
>-(i.e., the coffee is brewing)
>-Is this an intrafamily usage, or is this widespread/regional?

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