You've got mail (North Carolina)

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Sun Nov 28 16:02:10 UTC 1999

There are some distinctive vowels in the AOL announcements. Typical of New
Bern, North Carolina? Here are two relevant news items. - Allan Metcalf

  America Online Inc. extended its relationship with Elwood Edwards, the man
whose voice tells AOL e-mail users "You've got mail," to include his
greetings on AOL 5.0. . . .
   In a press release Friday, America Online said it will use Edwards' voice
for new features including "You've Got Pictures," a service for members to
send pictures online. . . .
   Edwards' recorded AOL phrases also include "Welcome," "File's Done" and
-Emily Park; Dow Jones Newswires 11/26/1999

   A North Carolina native whose voice is a popular feature on America Online
is uttering his famous phrase in movie theaters nationwide. Elwood Edwards, a
New Bern native who says "You've got mail" on AOL and in the movie of the
same name, became the online service's mail greeter in 1989. His wife, Karen,
was a customer service representative for the Internet provider at the time an
d Edwards volunteered.
   -Greensboro News & Record 01/07/1999 (Northern Light summary)

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