Dancical; Spring forward, fall back

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Sun Apr 2 16:02:51 UTC 2000


     From the NEW YORK POST, 2 April 2000, pg. 42, col. 1, "Sunday Theater
View" by Clive Barnes:

     Out-of-touch relatives suddenly call up and want to know what I can
recommend in the way of Broadway musicals.  (...)  Which leaves us with the
two dancicals: Lynne Taylor-Corbett's underrated "Swing!" and Susan
Stromann's overrated "Contact."  (...)  Still, whichever way you cut it,
neither "Contact" nor "Swing!"--both using pre-written music and no book--is
a true Broadway musical.

     Deja.com turned up two hits:

1-30-98:  My favorite was when Clive Barnes (NY Post) wrote that DREAM--a
tribute to _lyricist_ Johnny Mercer--should have been a "dancical."
5-3-98:  ...might as well call it a "dancical" or "costumical."

     Did Clive Barnes coin "dancical"?
     BTW, those wanting to see a good Broadway musical normally might won't
see my EVEREST.  That dream pretty much died when the TKTS. booth design
contest people decided to celebrate Father Duffy's Christian cross as the hot
new theater design for the next millennium.


    Who first said that?

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