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You are right about that !@#$%^&*()_+ Outlook Express. It's not only a evil
sender, but it won't even read attachments sent in binhex format (for
example) without considerable tweaking.


>>Larry wrote:
>> >   Or should I assume from the last part of what follows that it's
>> > not something I can fix on my end?
>>I fix such things on my end by hitting delete.  I prefer using
>>Unix mailx, which doesn't read MIME or HTML.  I see no reason
>>for anybody to send e-mail as either of the above.  If I think
>>it's something I can't live without, I exit mailx with x, leaving
>>all mail as new, and re-enter with a popmail reader.  But 99.99%
>>of the time I assume it's not worth the bother and just delete it
>>Why do people choose to send encoded e-mail?  What's wrong with
>>nice, clear ASCII?
>I think a lot of people who send encoded mail don't choose to do so.
>My mother just got a new computer with various Microsoft products
>preinstalled, including Outlook Express. The default configuration is
>to send mail HTML-ized. I've been unable to get a clear enough
>statement of how to turn this off that she can follow and that
>actually conforms to the various menu options that she sees. I gather
>that this is not atypical. In addition, I think that a lot of folks
>don't realize that if they use the same formatting they use in their
>word processor (e.g., full underlining instead of _this_ kind of
>underlining) that too will produce some kind of encoded mail rather
>than clear text.
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