Viewing HTML messages

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Mon Apr 3 17:36:29 UTC 2000

Well, it has nothing to do with the MIME settings on your email client
software.  I too use Netscape Messenger (portion of Communicator) for my email
client.  The MIME settings are for outgoing mail, not incoming.  MIME really
should help things, it's the broken clients which cause MIME to fail.

HTTP is the transport mechanism - not sure what you mean by HTTP settings.  Also
not sure what you mean by "a block of HTTP code" - do you mean HTTP headers?
They are similar to MIME, so you were likely looking at MIME headers.  The
message content is in HTML.  The best way to deal with such messages on Netscape
Messenger is to go to the "View" menu and select "View attachments inline".  I
find that solves a number of problems.

There shouldn't be Java (FYI, not an acronym) settings on mail.

Not sure what to tell folks who don't have Netscape Messenger.  Maybe we could
just request that folks not send mail in HTML if at all possible?  Or perhaps,
as Alice suggested, your email server is messing things up.  You would need to
contact your system administrator.


Laurence Horn wrote:
> At 12:42 PM -0400 4/2/00, GSCole wrote:
> >I've received several messages that I formerly took to be zero-content,
> >and promptly deleted, figuring that the sender made a mistake.  But,
> >still I wondered.  Yesterday, with a message from another (not ADS-L)
> >source, which was listed at 15kb in size, I figured that it wasn't
> >zero-content.
> >
> >Using edit, I saw that there were other parts of the message that didn't
> >show up in my Netscape Communicator window.  A block of material in
> >regular English; with a following block in the UUEncode format.
> >
> >I rechecked all of my browser preference settings, but can't figure out
> >what the problem might be.  Figure that it has something to do with MIME
> >or HTTP settings.  Yesterday's message contained a block of HTTP code.
> >(JAVA settings?)
> >
> >Any suggestions appreciated.
> >
> >George Cole
> I guess this is the boat I'm in too.  As I say, the problem seems to be
> growing, but sometimes when I ask the sender to resend, it comes through
> OK.  Like George, I have also noticed that many of these messages claim to
> be "5K" or "3K" or whatever, but there's nothing that shows up, and no
> relevant options under "Edit".  Sorry to be off-topic, but it's hard to
> participate in threads that have invisible strands.
> larry

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