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Mon Apr 3 19:56:59 UTC 2000

>From Spider Robinson's most recent on-line column, at


   I read my first SF novel when I was six, and it described a
   landing on the moon, and I must ask you to believe me when I tell you
   that an attempt to discuss the subject seriously with my teacher got me
   sent to the school shrink. I've seen correspondence in which he warned my
   parents continued exposure to such fanciful nonsense could "damage the
   boy's psyche, by overstimulating his imagination." (Thank God my mother
=> knew mahooha when she heard it!) A mere fifteen years later, Armstrong
   told that teacher and shrink to take a flying leap for all mankind. And even
   I, a lifelong space-travel buff, was stunned that we'd really pulled it off.

-- Mark

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