Church key (was: Set-ups (was "Boilermakers"))

Lynne Murphy lynnem at COGS.SUSX.AC.UK
Tue Apr 4 11:06:20 UTC 2000

> Ok, we've pretty much established that it isn't regional (and many of
> us are too old...).  But what is that opener called, then?  A bottle
> opener?
> Rima

My family just calls it a can opener.  Nothing to distinguish it from
the other kind of can opener.  But by the time I was growing up, you
didn't use that kind of opener for beers (well, you could use it to take
the top off a bottled beer, but other kinds of bottle openers were
preferred).  We mostly used them for opening those big cans of juice or
for condensed milk.  So the humor of 'church key' was dead by then.

(I did learn church key later, but I don't remember where, and it never
made it to my active vocab.)


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