Cheap Shot

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     More from ESQUIRE of 1966.

CHEAP SHOT--The RHHDAS has several 1970 cites and one 1967 cite.  From
ESQUIRE, November 1966, Letters column (The Sound and the Fury), pg. 10, col.
     In John Davies' remembrances of Hobey Baker, he refers to "what the pros
called a 'cheap shot' (head-on tackle)".  Professional football players do
not now, and probably never did, refer to a head-on tackle as a "cheap shot."
 A head-on tackle is not won cheaply.  Rather, I believe, a "cheap shot" is a
block or tackle applied to an opponent from his blind side or while he is
down.  "Cheap-shot artists" in pro football are generally regarded as the
dirtiest players in the league.

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, JOE DIMAGGIO?--Paul Simon takes credit for the Joe
DiMaggio myth-making with that line, from the song "Mrs. Robinson" that was
played in the movie THE GRADUATE (1967).  (If I remember correctly, it was
sung by Fanny Brice.)  ESQUIRE, July 1966, has a cover story by Gay Talese
titled: "What's DiMaggio doing with himself these days?"

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