Brownies' Delight Cake (1896)

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     Palmer Cox's BROWNIES had syndication in the Ladies' Home Journal, so it was only a matter of time before I found an LHJ "brownies"--which may not be the same as brownies.
     "Brownies" is in Fannie Farmer's 1896 cookbook, although it's a molasses cake.  OED has "brownies" in 1897, in the Sear's catalogue.  I guess Niemann-Marcus was unavailable.
     From the LADIES' HOME JOURNAL, October 1896, pg. 20, col. 3:

     A rich, delicious cake to serve at weddings or at any collation where particularly rich cakes are desired: Make four layers of a rich, white cake.  Make boiled frosting from four cups of sugar and the whites of four eggs; divide into four parts.  Into one portion of this frosting stir one cocoanut grated very fine, and the pulp of one orange rubbed through a sieve.  Spread this upon one layer of cake.  Into the second portion of frosting stir one cup of hickory-nut (or English walnut) meats, and a cup of chopped raisins, carefully stoned, and one tablespoonful of grated chocolate.  Place this upon the second layer.  Into the third portion stir one cup of chopped almonds, one cup of chopped citron.  Place this upon the third layer.  The top should be smooth white frosing, thick and soft.  To prepare boiled frosting, place whites of eggs upon ice until cool, whip quickly with two forks.  Just enough water should be poured in the sugar to cover and melt before beginning to b!
oil.  The surest test that I have found to ascertain when the sugar is ready to combine with the white of egg is to drop a teaspoonful of the sugar-water into cold water.  If it becomes waxy at once it is then ready.  The whites of the eggs having been placed upon a large platter to beat may remain there, the hot sugar-water being poured slowly, almost drop for drop, upon them, beating constantly with two forks.  The entire mixture should be beated until cold; it will then be smooth and white.

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