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the indefatigable and culino-verbal Barry Popik posted to this list:

     A few items from HARPER'S BAZA(A)R.


AMBROSIA--Mariani states: "A dessert made from fruits, sugar and grated
coconut, most popular in the South (1932)."  DARE gives this 1932 date.  From
HARPER'S BAZAR, 13 September 1879, pg. 591, col. 4:
     [recipe deleted]

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MW-WOD at LISTSERV.WEBSTER.M-W.COM posted to the Word of the Day subscription list:

The Word of the Day for April 6 is:

ambrosia   \am-BRO-zhuh\   (noun)
     1 a : the food of the Greek and Roman gods  b : the ointment
or perfume of the gods
    *2 : something extremely pleasing to taste or smell
     3 : a dessert made of oranges and shredded coconut

Coincidence? Conspiracy? YOU decide.

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