Proactive policing, buy-and-bust, broken windows

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Fri Apr 7 13:41:19 UTC 2000

   Greetings from Tokyo, where I once again have a keyboard that I can barely make out. @--there that thing is!  Thanks, Kinko`s!
  Tomorrow I hit the fish market at 5:30 a.m.  Then it`s off to the Danny Long/Godzilla "Barefoot & Pregnant" national statue, with a stop at the Natalie Maynor national gardens and the Andrea Vine hot coffee & ambrosia machine.


   The NYC shooting of Patrick Dorismond (yes, another shooting of an unarmed man) has brought these terms into the press once again.  Here, the police officers tried to create/entice a crime, with tragic results.
   "Broken Windows" policing was used in this week`s THE NEW REPUBLIC.
   Nat Hentoff`s column in this week`s VILLAGE VOICE mentions "buy-and-bust" operations.  "(T)his kind of proactive policing, as it`s known in law enforcement parlance..."


   Friday`s international HERALD-TRIBUNE has a front page story about the death penalty.  The U. S. is in some pretty shady company here.  Europeans are said to view the death penalty and the elections as a "kill to win" strategy.
  Ya-ya thoughts--several songs use this in the lyrics.  "Sitting here blah-blah waiting for my ya-ya," or something like that, by someone.  There are some lyrics server out there, but my Toyko time (Tokyo Internet Time has an awful acronym) is limited.

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