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   Greetings again from the Land of the Rising Sun.  Japan is called this because it`s across the world from Yale University.


  This is in the April 8th JAPAN TIMES, which was taken from the LOS ANGELES TIMES, which took it from SCIENCE.  The headline is "Internet 10 times faster could be on horizon."  Pg. 11, cols. 5-6:

  This new "electro-optic modulator" can pump data in the form of light signals through fiber-optic networks--the backbone of the Internet as well as telephone and cable TV systems--at 10 or more times the rate possible today but using only a tiny fraction of the power now required.  (...) If the technology proves reliable in long-term testing, products based on the new "opto-chips" could appear within two years.


   The MAFIA COOKBOOK (1970) that I mentioned here contains several Italian slang terms in that glossary.
   I always thought the LaTrobe (PA) banana split theory was the authentic one.  I`ll list all my cook books (several are devoted just to desserts and ice creams) when I get back.
  Subway is very popular here and serves an "American Clubhouse sandwich."
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