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The earliest Lexis cite for "vortal" is January 18, 1999, where it's used as
a trademarked term (good luck protecting that one!). "Vertical portal" is a
bit older, going back to mid-1998. Some have tried "portical", but it was
too linguistically inept to have any chance of catching on.

Other portal-related words:

corporate portal - An internal Web site on a corporate network that offers
content and services aimed at the company's employees.

horizontal portal - An Internet portal site that offers a broad range of
content and services

personal portal - A Web page that offers content and services customized for
an individual.

Some joke portals I've seen:

tortal - A portal for lawyers.
chortal - A portal for comedians.
mortal - A portal for morticians.

I'm sure there are many others.


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