Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Apr 12 15:47:33 UTC 2000

Alice Faber wrote:
>>Bernie Kane wrote:
>> >Can't comment on the etymology/usage of the start of this thread, but
>> >remember that a long number of years ago there was a pop song with the
>> >taunting refrain
>> >"nanaNAHna/nanaNAHna/Hey-hey/Goodbye"
>> >Can't for the life of me recall the context nor the musical group, but it's
>> >obvious that it did represent imitating the mockery of little kids. Is this
>> >relevant?
>> >
>> >Bernie Kane
>> >word-finder
>>Now excuse me for a Chicago question: in all this talk of that
>>nananana/hey-hey /goodbye song, how come nobody has mentioned that it's
>>the unofficial song of Chicago White Sox fans?  They love to sing it
>>when a Sox player hits a homer.
>Not just that...In just about every professional arena I've ever seen
>a baseball, hockey, or basketball game telecast from, home-town fans
>chant/sing this rather boisterously towards the end of a game when
>their team is finishing off a clear victory. Occasionally the fans
>are prompted by music (side B, naturally!) played over the PA system,
>but more often it's purely spontaneous.

Yes, but it did start at Comiskey (the OLD Comiskey) Park, home of the
White Sox.


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