Sangokujin (continued)

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Thu Apr 13 00:04:06 UTC 2000

   Greetings again from Takayama.  I have about five minutes to write this before I head off to Kyoto.

SANGOKUJIN (continued)

   The remark by the Tokyo governor that the Sangokujin could cause violence in the event of another earthquake has itself caused an earthquake.  In th Japan Times of April 12th, Foreign Minister Yohei Kono denounced the use of the term.  From pg. 2, col. 5:

   Sangokujin literally means "people from third countries."  The term was originally used before and during World War II to refer to people from Japanese-controlled Korea and Taiwan.  For some time after the war, the term was mainly used to refer to Korean and Taiwanese residents in Japan.  It is now regarded as a derogatory term.

   In the April 13th Japan Times, Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori expressed his disapproval of the use of the term.  The Tokyo governor had to defend his use yesterday before 137 reporters from 49 news agencies.
   "Sangokujin"--use with extreme caution!


   From the Takayama Green Hotel:

gin 1/3
vodka 1/6
orange juice1/3
grenadin syrup 1/6
anisette 1 teaspoon

vodka 1/2
triple sec 1/4
line juice 1/4
snow style green cherry


   I previously posted DOT-BOMB.  This was probably inspired by the Barrons story last year, titled AMAZON.BOMB.
   For Dot-coms that do not make money, there is NOT-COM.  The Japan Times states that this comes from England.  True?

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