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><< I (Northern Cities) use both /tur/ and the unfortunate past tense /turd/ >>
>For the past of TOUR I say /turd/--don't you mean that you say /trd/? That is
>really unfortunate!!!

Actually, my mother did say both /t schwar/ and  /t schwar d/ (b. Minnesota
1906); but maybe the words were bookish, i.e. not normally in "kid (or
adult) language" for non-traveling Midwesterners of that time?

That gives us a possible third variant, though the TORE/TOUR/TOURnament
homophony is the one alluded to previously.  The latter is common in the
Philadelphia/Baltimore area, I believe (my ex from Balto had it), and I
hear it often in southern Ohio too.

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