what is DSNA?

Victoria Neufeldt vneufeldt at M-W.COM
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That's the Dictionary Society of North America.  It is about 25 years old
and holds biennial meetings at various universities (usually depending on
having one or more DSNA members on site to host the event) in spring or
summer.  The exact dates vary.  We had one in August about six or eight
years ago, I believe, but they're usually in May or June.  This date is the
earliest of any of our meetings I believe (haven't got the info handy to
check right now).  The membership is around 450 (again, I'm guessing right
now).  We have a newsletter that comes out twice or three times a year, and
an annual journal, _Dictionaries_.  Our president is Joan Hall of the
Dictionary of American Regional English.  We have a web site too:
http://polyglot.lss.wisc.edu/dsna/index.html which will give you more info
about the organization.

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