RE: E-less Fiancé (a procedural question)

Victoria Neufeldt vneufeldt at M-W.COM
Wed Apr 19 11:47:54 UTC 2000

What On Earth is a BLAH BLAH BLAH button?

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> Subject: Re: E-less Fiancé (a procedural question)
> Carol Snow kindly wrote me (concerning our old problem reading
> invisible mail):
> >Hmm.  I've been told that even 4.0 should have the "blah, blah"
> box at the
> >top of the menu when you open a message.   Mine is just above
> the fon/size
> >boxes.  If this is not the case, then after you open the message
> that seems
> >to have no content, choose Open In Browser from the File menu.  With luck
> >it will launch Netscape and the message will appear.  Copying
> won't do the
> >job.
> >good luck!
> >
> >
> Hallelujah:  not only was I indeed able to view the invisible message in
> Netscape by using the "Open in Browser" command, but when I was all set to
> mention that I still couldn't find the Blah Blah Blah
> button--there it was.
> I don't know how I missed it before; I must have been looking for Blah in
> all the wrong places.  So for everyone else who's in the same predicament:
> 1)  the Open in Browser approach is really the best, since that doesn't
> produce all the garbage that shows up when you use...
> 2)  the BLAH BLAH BLAH method
> But if you do want to go the BLAH route, the relevant button is (on my
> Eudora system) the third one from the left atop the actual message window,
> NOT in the Eudora menu bar.  Sorry to everyone for having been so dense
> when you tried to enlighten me earlier.  And please's still
> easier if you use un-html-encoded mail, as everyone has indeed been doing
> on ADS since our last flurry of discussion on this point.
> larry

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