reading invisible e-mail

Victoria Neufeldt vneufeldt at M-W.COM
Wed Apr 19 18:26:36 UTC 2000

Wow.  Thanks for the information.  I did use Eudora for a few weeks late
last year when I was on a trip, but don't think I ever noticed this
feature -- and I guess I'm lucky that it never became an issue.


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> From: Laurence Horn
> Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 9:49 AM

> Well, this only applies if you're using Eudora.  But if so, when you're
> reading a message (not when you're WRITING one!), there are three little
> boxes atop the menu bar of the MESSAGE, just below the very top part where
> the message is identified by its sender, date, and (short form of) title.
> These little boxes are just to the left of the long horizontal box
> containing the full title of the message.  The leftmost box contains a
> small triangle, the next one to the right an ellipsis ... followed by a
> small pencil with an eraser, and the third and last box contains three
> lines of type, each consisting of the 'word' BLAH, although the uppermost
> is the darkest and the lowest BLAH is so faint you may have to squint to
> read it.  That's the box or button you click to get your message to appear
> in all its unesthetic (but visible) glory, complete with the "nsbp"s where
> the html commands were in the original.
> Larry

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