Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Apr 19 19:34:07 UTC 2000

>        A lexicographer (Jesse) has clamored for the exact cite that
>prompted my original submission under this heading.  Here it is:
>        ""He's stupid on right-hand hitters," Dipoto said in praise of Lee's
>sidearm delivery."
>        USA Today Baseball Weekly, April 12-18, 2000, p. 4, col. 2.
>        I posted this originally without having the paper in front of me,
>and incorrectly specified that the speaker was a young player; Jerry
>Dipoto is an established major leaguer, presumably in his mid-20s or
>older.  (No, I don't really think mid-20s as anything but young.)
He'll be 32 next month.  He was pitching (ineffectively) for the Mets ages
ago, way back in the bowels of the previous century.  Not that 32 is
anything but young either, but it's not quite as toddleresque as mid-20's,
and presumably more remote from hip-hop influence, all things being equal.


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