East is back (was: /or/ distinctions: TOUR)

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Wed Apr 19 20:57:48 UTC 2000

"Peter A. McGraw" wrote:
> Allen,
> Thanks for the "back"-up.
> By mentioning the Mississippi in an earlier post, I didn't mean to imply it
> was a hard-and-fast boundary between a Westerner's 'back east" and the rest
> of the world.  When I went abroad under the AFS program in high school, the
> whole Europe-bound contingent from Oregon and southwest Washington traveled
> together to New York.  During one of our briefings there, a local AFS
> staffer mentioned some event that had taken place "somewhere out west--like
> Nebraska."  Our entire group burst out laughing, much to the staffer's
> puzzled consternation.  Although the term wasn't used, I'm sure most of us
> laughed because for us Nebraska counted as "back east."

Funny that Mississippi would use "back east", while in Texas we use "up north".

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